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If you are a lover of Pomeranians or pomerians as they are sometimes misspelt then you will love this site.

Even if you are just interested in learning more about these amazing little dogs then you will still find it worth while.

This breed of dog makes a wonderful pet for just about everyone. Whether you are an older person and need a personal companion or you are in a family that needs a fun dog then the Pomerian is the best choice.

They love attention and thrive on being cuddled. These toy dogs are very good watch dogs with very fierce little barks. They are extremely quick at alerting you to danger. By looking around this site you will see many beautiful pictures of adult Pomeranians as well as puppies. You will find information about grooming their very long thick fur, the importance of training, how to find puppies for sale, rescue shelters and much more. 

There is also information on the History Of Pomeranians and why these little dogs are still a very popular breed of dog to this day. By looking through this site you will soon see why thousands of people choose to be Pomeranian dog owners and always continue to be. So take a look for your self and see why Pomeranians are loved so much.


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