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   The Importance Of Pomeranian Training

Now that you have your new bundle of joy, you will need to do some pomeranian training.

First off will be your pom's name.
Once you have decided on a name, make sure you use it every time you want to teach him something.
As this will get his attention first.

Pom TrainingIf you have ended up with an older dog, you may not need to do very much pomeranian training at all, if any. But, if you have a puppy, you will need to do a lot. Being the proud owner of a pomeranian dog means your little ball of fluff should be an inside dog.So, it definately needs to be house trained.

At times, your pomeranian training will be frustrating but with patience and perserverance it will be most rewarding for both you and your dog.Your most emmediate start to training your pomeranian will be the moment you arrive home with your little darling.Especially if it is a puppy and needs house training.

It is important to take your puppy outside to the same spot initially to go to the toilet.
It should be on average about every 2 hours, during the day.
*As soon as he wakes up.
*Before and after playing or getting excited.
*After meals.
*After sleeping.
*Before retiring at night.

Pomeranian training should always be done with consistancy. Reward your dog with lots of reasurance and praise. You can use treats as a reward too but remember not to give too many, as you do not want your pom to become over weight.

Inside the house, I suggest you use sheets of newspaper on a particular spot in the kitchen or laundry, as these rooms usually have easy to clean floors.It must be somewhere your pom can get to quickly and easily when needed.When cleaning up the soiled newspaper, leave one of the bottom sheets to go on top of the new sheets so there will be a scent there for your dog.
This will make it easier for him to remember where to go.

Please expect little accidents from time to time whilst house training. Even though pomeranians are very easy to train, your puppy is still a baby. Just like human babies they have accidents. Do not punish him for this. Just keep up your training and praise him every time he does it right.

You can fence off a part of the house so there will not be accidents on the carpet or furniture until your dog is fully trained. Every time you take you pom outside to specifically go to the toilet, use one word for him to associate going to the toilet. It can be anything you like as long as you consistantly use the same word.

With my darling Molly, I use the word wee's.
She is fully house trained and she lets me know when she needs to go outside.
But, before retiring for the night, I let her out and often she just sits and looks around, taking in the smells and views.

I then have to say "Molly, wee's" and she goes and does it. This is also good for car travelling. Making toilet breaks easier and quicker. House training isn't the only form of pomeranian training that your dog needs. From the beginning, whether it is a pup or an adult that you have, you have to show who is the boss.

Dogs are pack animals and it is their nature to want to lead the pack. So, straight away, you have to instill your leadership. As the primary leader you need to be the one to feed him, train him and disapline him.

Dogs in general need to have one leader although they can have lots of other people who play an important role in their life. In fact, it is very important that they do have lots of other people in their life. No matter how much we love our pomeranian dogs, they are still dogs and must know their place. This is for everyone's benefit.

Pomeranian training also includes Pomeranian Grooming. Your pom will need regular brushing and it is important to teach your dog from the beginning to accept this. He will need to learn to stand still while you brush and groom him.

Other important pomeranian training will be for him to accept wearing a collar and lead. You can start with putting a collar on and just leaving it for awhile until he gets used to having it on. Then you can introduce the lead.

To have a well behaved dog you must teach it to sit, stay and come. This will not only make your dog well liked but it could be a life saver if your pom is in a dangerous situation and you need him to quickly obey.

Of course, there are lots of tricks that you can teach your pom also. The pomeranian dog will be only too pleased to learn lots of things for his beloved master. After all, he gets to have lots of praise and treats when he does! Pomeranian training should be lots of fun for both you and your dog. This is such a good way for you both to get to know one another better.

If you want to show your pomeranian in the show ring, you will need to contact the kennel clubs and find out what proceedures you need to know and what extra training you will need to do.

If your pom is just your beloved pet, then you will still want a well trained companion. You can go to obedience classes if you wish. These are also very good for socialising your dog with other dogs and humans.

However, lots of owners train their dogs themselves. There are many good books on the market that can help you achieve great results.

One that is highly recommended is an e-book called

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