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Pomeranian Rescues

Not all prospective pom owners decide on a puppy, some prefer to give a home to pomeranian rescues or pomeranian adoptions.

This can be for many reasons.

Pom RescuesSome people prefer pomeranian rescues or pomeranian adoptions because they want to help a pom dog that has been abandoned for whatever reason.

Just because pom rescues or pom adoptions are mainly older dogs (not always), it doesn't mean it will be easier as they can come with their own set of problems.

Some may have been neglected and are in need of health care and extra TLC. There are many reasons why these dogs are in need of a new home. It could be that their elderly owners cannot care for them any more or they have passed away and their beloved companion has been left alone. Maybe their owners have had to relocate and cannot take their dog with them. It is sad to say that sometimes they may have been mistreated and have been taken from their owners.

They could have been dumped or maybe they have just been lost and never been found by their owners. There are those that have been rescued from a life of breeding and are now looking to just be loved and pampered as a dog should be.

Out of the 3 pom dogs that I have owned, 2 have been pomeranian rescues.  My first was a male named Prince, he was 8 years old. He was my grandmothers. My grandmother passed away and Prince was left alone. He was extremely spoilt and loved very much. My mother and I took him in and quickly fell in love with him. Of course, our lifestyle was different to my grandmothers. So Prince had some adjusting to do but that is one of the great assets that the pomeranian dog has.

As much as they are devoted to their owner, and misses them very much, they adjust accordingly to their new situation when given lots of love and attention. Prince passed away at the age of 11.

My next pomeranian rescue was a 10 month old female named Holly. Her owners couldn't keep her any more and needed a good home for her. They returned her to the breeder they purchased her from. Even though I fell in love with her from the beginning it took a little bit of patience on my part and lots of love and cuddles to finally win her over. But once I did she became my best friend!

By this stage, I had 2 sons and she blended in beautifuly with my family. Unfortunately, she being a typical pomeranian, thought she was a big dog in a little dogs body. This lead her to always want to have a go at big dogs and one day she got through our back fence and within a minute she was killed by one of those big dogs.

That moment was one of the worst moments ever. I held her in my arms until my husband came home from work to bury her.I don't think I stopped crying for a week. And that is no exageration.

I was devestated. I lost my beautiful little friend. The only thing that helped me was a new pomeranian puppy.One that came from the same parents as Holly. That puppy is now my Molly who is 10 1/2 years old.

So, I can recommend both pomeranian puppies or pomeranian rescues. It is really a personal choice. 

Compared with the UK and Australia, the US probably has the most pomeranian rescues or pomeranian adoptions.
This is because the breed is much stronger in numbers in the US. If you do take on a senior dog be aware that they may have sight/hearing problems, they may have bad teeth, or could be incontinent, all the things that happen to older dogs. There maybe none of these problems or maybe some.

You may chose an adult dog that has been house trained or you may have to train it yourself. Some pomeranian rescues are also puppies but mainly older dogs. No matter what you end up with, you will be glad you own a pomeranian. Pomeranian rescues or pomeranian adoptions can be from animal shelters, breeders, vets or friends and family.

If you choose a pomeranian from an animal shelter or breeder, they are usually already vet checked, immunised and doctored. Not all are house trained. Some are trained out of bad habbits such as yapping uneccessarily. However, you can do your own pomeranian training easilly with success.

If you are interested in a pom in need of rescue then this site called
The Dog Net.com is a great start.

This lists a lot of dog rescues from around the world. So you should be able to find one in your city/country. However, you may have to wait a while for a pomeranian as they tend to have small litters and there is often a waiting list for breeders let alone rescues.

Another good website is
Pet Finder.com

This is an excellent site to search for pom dogs in need of rescue in the U.S.

Good luck with finding your special pomeranian dog. Remember, give it lots of love and cuddles and you will have a loyal and devoted friend for life!

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