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How To Find A
Pomeranian For Sale

Once you have decided that you want to own a Pomeranian, then you need to find a Pomeranian for sale.

Finding the right pom for you can take time. This breed tends to have small litters of 2 or 3 pups.

Poms For SaleDepending on where you live, it may become hard to find a Pomeranian for sale straight away.

The pom breed is very popular in the U.S. so you may not have too much of a problem there. The U.K and Australia love their poms also.

Finding a reputable breeder is very important. Look up a Pomeranian Kennel Club and get recommendations from them. They should be able to help you.

There are of course many breeders that sell their poms in pet shops or through newspapers. There are many, many more who sell over the internet. When looking for a Pomeranian for sale from any of these sources, please remember to do some homework on the breeders before purchasing.

Any decent breeder will be happy to answer your questions and show you around their premises. They should be able to show you the parents and tell you any relevant information regarding the history of them. If they are not willing to co-operate with you on this matter, then go somewhere else.

Before you purchase your Pomeranian for sale, make sure it has been vet checked and up to date with worming and immunizations. Obtain written proof of this. Ask the breeder what they have been feeding your new dog. You need to give the same food for a while at least. You can change the food later, very gradually. This avoids stomach upsets.

Pomeranians can be very expensive to buy. This depends on whether you want a show dog with champion bloodlines or just a pet. Pet poms can still be expensive.

You can however, look into adopting from a Pomeranian Rescues shelter for a much cheaper price. You may not get a puppy in this situation, but a loveable pom all the same. These dogs will be doctored so you would not be able to breed them.

But, you will know that you have saved a Pomeranian from possibly being put down.

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