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Understanding Pomeranian Coat Phases

Being prepared for pomeranian coat phases is very important as your little pom pup will go through a few changes that you may not expect.

When you first see your pom puppy, it will be a tiny ball of fluff.

And if you didn't know better you will expect it to stay a ball of fluff.

This is not to be because at around 4 months of age your pup will go through a pomeranian coat phase and take on the appearance of a short haired dog.

Hopefully your breeder will tell you this, not like mine who did not.

I remember the first time this happened to my pom. What a different dog she had become. I was about to contact the breeder and complain that my pom was not a pom. Not until I read in a pomeranian dog book that they shed their fur and then grow it back did I calm down and I did feel embarassed.

I don't know if I really believed it would really grow back and look like a proper pomeranian until it did. Now I know better! By the time my dog was about 6 months old she started to once again look like a pomeranian.

Another point to note is a pup that has large areas of blackish fur will usually shed until about 1 year old and then the coat is often completely orange or red. The poms coat will continue to improve in color, depth, texture and length right up until the fourth year. Females often shed their coat when in season. Pom bitches that have just had pups also tend to lose their coats. Try and remember this fact when picking your puppy. If its mother looks a little ragged, it's probably because of this fact.

Another point to remember is that Pomeranian Grooming is still important to do even when your pup has lost its coat. 


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