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Pomeranian Behavior

Not just good looks but also the pomeranian behavior will win anyone over to this breed.

These sweet little dogs are not only endearing to us because of how beautiful and fluffy they look, but also because of their typical pomeranian behavior.

Poms are so eager to please.

Pom Behavior




They just want to be loved.You couldn't find a breed that longed to be patted and cuddled as much as these dogs.
This is one of the reasons that they are great for elderly people.As much as these adorable dogs love to have fun, and often do until very old, they are happy and contented to do whatever their owners decide. As long as they are by your side they can adapt easily and happily.

They can sense the mood of their owner extremely well and can usually tell if they are sick or unhappy. If the owner is happy and excited, then so is his pom. If his owner is not well, then he will just stay quiet, by his side. Because of this wonderful pomeranian behavior, he can adapt to life in an apartment, suburbia or a rural setting. These dogs are very happy little creatures and because of their size and character, they can live anywhere.

Although they can be vocal dogs, with training they only bark when neccessary, making it easier to live in apartments. They are also fabulous for car travelling. Their size and the longing to be near you means they enjoy every bit of being in the car.

Because they are naturally inquisitve and alert, they also get lots of enjoyment from looking out the window. Part of the pomeranian behavior is his loyalty and willingness to protect. His keen hearing and vision will pick up danger or strangers approaching. The pom will bark loudly enough to alert his owner and shock a stranger.
However, he will generally keep his distance while alerting his owner.

Once he knows everything is ok, he will in his own time attempt to be friends with the newcomer. If your pom does like the new person, which is highly likely, he will be friends for life, even if he doesn't see that person for a long time. Poms have very good memories.

Another interesting aspect of pomeranian behavior is they are very routine dogs. They have an amazing ability to know when things should happen. I have heard many stories from pom owners about this trait that they have. I know my precious Molly will vocally let me know if her dinner is late or if we are staying up later than normal, she will tell us that we all must go to bed. She sleeps on the end of our bed and will not go without us.

She also knows that we often play a game with her and her teddy after lunch. If we do something else and forget, then she brings her teddy to us and lets us know very loudly that we forgot. Poms can also become very bossy if you let them, so you must train them, to let them know you are the boss or it can get out of hand.

I swear that they are human sometimes. My Molly does talk to me in her own way. There are different yaps and sounds for different reasons. This is an endearing part of pomeranian behavior.

My whole family loves Molly and she loves them all back 100%. She has been brought up with 2 children who are now young adults and we have never had a problem. Nor did we with my previous pom.

However, if you do have tiny children, please be extra careful as with any dog, they can be unpredictable. Especially toy breeds. Often, very young children can be rough without meaning to and can hurt or frighten your pom. It is in every dog breeds nature to react back!

Pomeranians are very easy dogs to train and you shouldn't have a problem with house breaking them as they are very quick to learn and are extremely intelligent. Because of this pomeranian behavior, these dogs are now being used for assistant dogs, in particular to deaf people.

They respond quickly to phones ringing or door bells etc. The pom would have been trained specifically for his new owner and his particular needs. I know that my Molly hasn't been trained for those things but because she is so in tune with what goes on in our home, she reacts accordingly. If our phone rings and we are detained and can't get to it. She howls because she knows somebody should be answering it.

Most people would probably think that the pomeranian is just a cute fluffy lap dog, but nothing could be further from the truth. The pomeranian dog is much, much more than that.

There is so many interesting attributes to the pomeranian behavior.

* He's a great watch dog.
* He's always happy and fun loving.
* Always wants to please.
* Very intelligent and easy to train.
* Extremely loyal.
* Totally devoted and always by your side.
* Adaptable to most situations.
* Perfect size to take anywhere.
* Loves inside and outside.
* Loves being a part of the family.

All of these attributes along with pomeranian training will assure you of having the perfect canine companion ever.


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