pomeranian dogs

Beautiful Pomeranian Dogs美丽pomeranian狗

Pomeranian Dogs

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This website is an introduction to pomeranian dogs.这个网站是介绍pomeranian狗.
You may be someone who already knows enough about pomeranian dogs or you maybe someone looking to find out more.你可知道,有人已经够了pomeranian狗或找你也许有人找出更多.

Or you maybe someone who just loves these little darlings.或者你也许有人喜欢这些小小的画廊. Whatever the case this site will be of value to you.无论如何,这个网站将你的价值.

I am the owner of a pomeranian and she is my third to date.我拥有了pomeranian她是我的第三起. Once you have owned one, it is hard not to want只要拥有一个,就难免要 more.更多. This breed of dog are the most precious of little companions you could ever wish to share your life with.这个品种的狗是最宝贵的希望越来越小伴你可以分享你生活. They are accutely sensitive to the needs of their owner and they adjust accordingly.他们常伴敏感的主人,他们需要调整. Sometimes, I believe they are almost human.有时候,我相信他们几乎都是人类.

My little Molly is like my best friend.我喜欢我最好的朋友是小莫莉. Although she loves every one in our family and gets very excited to see the return of any of them after an abscence, she is always by my feet.虽然她在我们每一个爱家贼十分兴奋地看到任何人返回后脓肿、她总是由我的脚. She would run my home if I let her.她本人来说,如果我让她回家. She lets me know when it is time to go to bed.她让我明白的时候自己睡觉. Especially if I'm up later than usual.尤其是如果我稍后比平时多. She tells me when she wants her dinner.她告诉我她要她当晚餐. She certainly lets me know when she wants to play.她一定让我明白当她想扮演. She brings her teddy and drops it by my feet.她把她的手抱玩具滴滴它由我的双脚. And don't I know it if I ignore her.我不知道如果我不理她. She also tells me off when she is not happy with me.她还告诉过我,当她不满意.

Every little bark is different and used for a different purpose.每一点不同的是树皮和作其他用途. I have learn't them all.我learn't一一.

She is also a fabulous watch dog as are all pomeranian dogs, letting us know when anyone has come into our yard.她也是一个好手表都是pomeranian为狗狗让我们知道,任何时候,我们已经进入院子. But, she will then hide behind us, whilst still barking angrily at the stranger until we have let her know everything is ok.但是,她便躲在美、虽然还在汪汪才愤而在陌生让她知道一切都还不错. She is very playful as were my other pomeranian dogs.她很活泼如同我其他pomeranian狗. But also she likes to just sit on my lap and snuggle.而且她喜欢枯坐在膝上,贴近.

These dogs are a perfect size to do this.这些狗做一个完美尺寸. They love any kind of attention and as long as you are willing to give it they will lap it up.什么样的关注和爱护他们,只要你愿意给他们立起来. They really are a dog that love the company of humans.他们真的是一只狗,人类的爱陪伴. Most people take a liking to pomeranian dogs firstly because they are very beautiful looking, but quickly realise that they are also very intelligent, loyal and fun loving.大多数人都喜欢狗pomeranian一是因为它们很漂亮瞻但他们也很明白,很快智能化、忠诚和热爱乐趣.

You couldn't wish for a better canine companion to share your life with!你不能想伴侣犬对美好生活与您分享!

Pom Dogs

Please feel free to take a look at the many other relevant pages that I have added to this site.  You will find informative and interesting reading along with many beautiful photos of different pomeranians.请放心看一看许多其他相关页,我加入这个网站.益智有趣的阅读你会发现随着不同pomeranians许多美丽照片.

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