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Pomeranian Dogs

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This website is an introduction to pomeranian dogs.
You may be someone who already knows enough about pomeranian dogs or you maybe someone looking to find out more.

Or you maybe someone who just loves these little darlings. Whatever the case this site will be of value to you.  

I am the owner of a pomeranian and she is my third to date. Once you have owned one, it is hard not to want more. This breed of dog are the most precious of little companions you could ever wish to share your life with. They are accutely sensitive to the needs of their owner and they adjust accordingly. Sometimes, I believe they are almost human.

My little Molly is like my best friend. Although she loves every one in our family and gets very excited to see the return of any of them after an abscence, she is always by my feet. She would run my home if I let her. She lets me know when it is time to go to bed. Especially if I'm up later than usual. She tells me when she wants her dinner. She certainly lets me know when she wants to play. She brings her teddy and drops it by my feet. And don't I know it if I ignore her. She also tells me off when she is not happy with me.

Every little bark is different and used for a different purpose. I have learn't them all.

She is also a fabulous watch dog as are all pomeranian dogs, letting us know when anyone has come into our yard. But, she will then hide behind us, whilst still barking angrily at the stranger until we have let her know everything is ok. She is very playful as were my other pomeranian dogs. But also she likes to just sit on my lap and snuggle.

These dogs are a perfect size to do this. They love any kind of attention and as long as you are willing to give it they will lap it up. They really are a dog that love the company of humans. Most people take a liking to pomeranian dogs firstly because they are very beautiful looking, but quickly realise that they are also very intelligent, loyal and fun loving.

You couldn't wish for a better canine companion to share your life with!

Pom Dogs

Please feel free to take a look at the many other relevant pages that I have added to this site.  You will find informative and interesting reading along with many beautiful photos of different pomeranians.

Update : Make sure you check out my new Pom Store 

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